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Italic uses Searchlight to hire for culture and company values alignment

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We talked to Jeremy about his experience building a fast-growing company and using Searchlight to help.

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Using Searchlight as part of our hiring and closing process is actually tied to alignment towards values. At Italic, we go beyond the standard "performance" questions you may see in a reference to also ask them how well aligned a candidate is to specific values-based behaviors. The hidden value of Searchlight is that they are actually a "values check."

Jeremy Cai, founder and CEO, Italic

Italic Founder and CEO Jeremy Cai believes people are happier, healthier and more fulfilled when they can afford to live well. So, he set out to source, develop and curate the highest quality products at the lowest prices. For the past two years, Italic has made premium fashion accessible to everyone by partnering with the same manufacturers who produce famed name brands. And it’s taken off.

Aside from their dedication to the customer, Jeremy’s growing team (across three offices and two continents) is also built on the commitment to culture. However, making sure someone is going to not only fit in but add value to the team takes time. The interview and reference check process can be bogged down with phone calls, manual data entry and subjectivity.

Enter Searchlight. Armed with new automation, streamlined reference assessments and time savings for anyone from the hiring team all the way up to Jeremy, they can focus less on the tedious methodology of interviewing and more on what matters most. Searchlight data allows Italic to be more deliberate about creating teams that will augment their company culture and values. Now, they can be certain their dedication to quality and community extends to the teams they build as much as it does through the products they create.

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Globally distributed
51-200 employees
What They Do:
Italic is a leading marketplace that offers the highest quality products at the lowest prices by connecting consumers straight to top manufacturers.
Searchlight Products Used:
One-Click References, Values Alignment Assessment
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What are the benefits of using Searchlight?

Searchlight does three things for the hiring team at Italic:

  1. Recruiting Efficiency. They don't have to hop on as many calls as they used to. It brings a fantastic form of automation to a part of their recruiting process that used to be very manual.
  2. Objective Data. Searchlight allows Italic to ask questions in a very objective way. It also takes away the added pressure of a hiring manager or recruiter listening to the references’ responses and creates a much more fair ground for a reference provider to score a candidate truthfully.
  3. Better hires. Searchlight ensures that candidates align with the company values and will make the team culture stronger through an objective assessment.